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What We Do!


Designing your custom home, barndominium or horse barn on your farm/ranch is a very exciting phase - planning, sketching, designing, dreaming!  With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to decide how to go about the entire process.  Who will guide us from here?  Who has the experience, the know-how, the competence and the communication skills?  In whose hands will we place our trust, our dreams?

By combining design with construction, processes have been developed that are based upon careful listening and understanding the client's budget, functional needs and aesthetic style.  From the first design meeting to the final selection and installation of fixtures and finishes, our services are tailored to fit the exact needs and desires of every client.



I have a passion for architecture, designing plans and interior finishes.  If your property is located out of our building territory, I can provide design services.  I have assisted many families with plans that I do not construct due to long travel distances. 


There are many resources available, such as Houzz or Pinterest. These websites offer great insight for inspiration.  I can connect with you on these websites to create your personal inspiration folders where we both share our ideas and visions.  We must not forget the good old-fashioned way of clipping magazines photos and articles!

I can work from your vision that have not yet made it to paper, a sketch on a napkin or tweak an existing floorplan you have found, to accommodate your needs.  I prefer to meet in person for the initial visit, all communication thereafter can be via phone and emails, if you choose.  Whatever you feel works best!

Design Services

Whether we are designing and building your home, or just building, we partner with you and your designer / architect to create a streamlined workflow that accommodates busy families and business professionals to honor an efficient and timely building process.

When building your own home, it lets you be in charge of where your money goes.  You can say no to things you do not need, and decide to splurge for something else you decide you really want.  We will monitor your costs throughout the entire process, which will help you to not go over budget.

Throughout the entire building process, there will be scheduled on-site meetings with you and/or your architect to ensure all of your questions and concerns are addressed and met.



Pre-Construction Engineering

There are many variables that go into the cost of construction.  A set of plans, soil testing and engineering would need to be accomplished before a true bid on a custom project could be presented.

We recommend and offer soil testing and an engineered slab design based on soil test results.  A properly constructed structure is as only good as the foundation on which it sits.  Your foundation is THE most important part of your structure.  

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